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Published on: Convegni e docenze

Study tour on food waste management – 2013

Study tour on food waste management – 2013

Study tour ISWA 2013Organised by Italian Compost and Biogas Sonsortium (ICBC), ATIA-ISWA Italy and Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza, the study tour will take you around the northern region of Italy, visiting plants in various cities. It is intended to give MSW management experts and decision makers an overview of current best-practices and approaches in food waste separate collection and recycling. It will focus on efficient operational solutions, effective instruments and tools supplied to households to enhance collection and standard technologies to recover biowaste into compost and biogas.

Michele Giavini (ARS ambiente), as a collaborator of WG Chair Biological Treatment ISWA, will be presenting some slides about food waste collection costs during the Visit of Novamont Headquarters, 9:30 am, Monday 4 November 2013.

During the tour participants will visit mature practices both in metropolitan areas and detached housing structures, showing how food waste can be correctly diverted for recycling. A specific focus will be given to bio-plastics suitable for food waste collection. A clear overview of low-tech and labour intensive logistics solution for optimising collection cost will be analysed with participants. A set of biological treatment plants will be visited, both with low-tech and high-tech solutions for composting and anaerobic digestion. Participants will also have the opportunity to visit Ecomondo 2013, one of Europe’s largest trade fairs on environment technologies, suppliers of equipment and technologies for collection and recycling of MSW (70,000 visitors over three days, 60,000 m2 of exhibition space).

Information on registration and the detailed programme is in this link.

4 Nov 2013 – 7 Nov 2013

Location: Northern Italy
Country: Italy
Contact Person: ATIA-ISWA Italy


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