Michele Giavini effettuerà a fine aprile per conto di ISWA – International Solid Waste Association una missione in Colombia nell’ambito di un progetto di valutazione delle tecnologie più appropriate per il trattamento dei rifiuti organici nella grande città di Cali. Il progetto è patrocinato da CTCN Climate Technolgy Center Network.



Colombia requested the technical assistance from the CTCN in 2015 for the development of a mechanical biological treatment pilot project. ISWA, as a CTCN Network member with experts from the Italian Composting and Biogas Association (CIC), is helping the City of Cali deploy an alternative MSW treatment plant that will contribute to reducing GHG emissions since September 2015.

The technical assistance being provided will help to verify the feasibility of the application of Mechanical-Biological Treatment (MBT) technology in Cali, develop a deployment structure for the selected alternative MSW management plant for Cali that takes into consideration the needs of key stakeholder groups, and develop a business model and a plan to access financing. ISWA is carrying out its activities in close cooperation with DAGMA, the Administrative Department of Environmental Management of Cali. Final meeting to present the results is planned in April 2016.

The Colombian government has reformed its solid waste management regulations to enable the use of alternative treatment technologies. Current tariff structures do not recognize alternative treatment methods (recycling, compost, RDF, etc.) as part of waste management public service delivery. In addition, the absence of a coordinated, national solid waste management policy, and a city-level action plan for integrated waste management policies, hampers the implementation of the project. Colombia is proposing the implementation of this Solid Waste Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) pilot project, to shift the view of conventional waste management and to promote alternative treatment methods, between public and private stakeholders and policymakers in the country.

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