ARS Ambiente all’International summit Waste-to-energy, New Delhi, India

ARS ambiente sarà presente al 2nd annual international summit Waste to Energy (W2E) che si terrà il 25th – 26th July 2013, NDCC Convention Centre, a New Delhi, India, con una presentazione dal titolo “Waste to Energy: an integrated approach. The Italian experience“, a cura di:

  • Mr. Naresh Bhagat – LeLogix Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  • Dott. G. Ghiringhelli – Liuc University and CEO Accam Spa
  • Prof. N.K.Sharma – Liuc University, Castellanza (Va) – Italy
  • Dr. M. Giavini – ARS ambiente Srl – Italy

Nella presentazione viene tracciato il quadro sulla gestione rifiuti in UE e come il modello italiano di gestione integrata dei rifiuti, basato sulla raccolta porta-a-porta e secco-umido con sistema areato, possa dare un contributo essenziale alle sfide sulla gestione rifiuti anche con produzione di energia elettrica, termica e di carburanti (biometano).

Major issues faced by the Indian W2E:

  • The growth of this sector has been affected on account of the following limitations/ constraints:
  • Waste-to-Energy is still a new concept in the country
  • Most of the proven and commercial technologies in respect of urban wastes are required to be imported
  • The costs of the projects especially based on biomethanation technology are high as critical equipment for a project is required to be imported.
  • In view of low level of compliance of MSW Rules 2000 by the Municipal Corporations/ Urban Local Bodies, segregated municipal solid waste is generally not available at the plant site, which may lead to non-availability of waste-to-energy plants.
  • Lack of financial resources with Municipal Corporations/Urban Local Bodies.
  • Lack of conducive policy guidelines from State Governments in respect of allotment of land, supply of garbage and power purchase / evacuation facilities.

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